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By germanifa01 - May 31st, 2009, 19:09, Category: General

Westar gets third rate hike this year
Kansas City Star, MO
The increase will pay for environmental upgrades to the company's fossil-fuel-powered plants. Customers in Westar's northern division, formerly the KPL power system, will see an increase of about $2.95 -- or 4.6 percent -- in their bills. ...
Westar Energy gets $32M tariff increase
Kansas Corporation Commission Approves Update to Environmental ... SYS-CON Media (press release)
Westar Energy rates to rise again, a bit Hutchinson News
WIBW - Forbes
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Shareholder Effort to Force Home Depot to Set Energy Plan Fails ...
Lowe's and Wal-Mart were among 35 US companies that consumers singled out for having top notch eco-sensibility, according to a report on an Earthsense Eco-Insights Survey of consumer perception and corporate environmental responsibility. ...
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Largest Environmental Lawsuit in History---Silence
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA
... would call for criminal investigations of former government officials who 'signed off' on Texaco's clean-up, and throw his weight behind the $27 billion-dollar suit, the largest environmental suit in history, to be decided by a single judge, ...
Chevron fights massive lawsuit in Ecuador Christian Science Monitor
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Hartford Courant

Obama walks a fine line over mining
Los Angeles Times, CA
the Environmental Protection Agency said it would not block dozens of "surface mining" projects. The list included some controversial mountaintop mines. The industry says the practice of using explosives to blast away a peak is safer and more efficient ...
Mountain Top Mining Will Expand Daily Kos
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The Star-Ledger -

A rebuttal of a rebuttal: More environmental debate for ...
The Star-Ledger -, NJ
Samantha Rothman, Morristown environmental commissioner Yesterday, Morristown Councilwoman Alison Deeb took exception to environmental commissioner Samantha Rothman taking exception to Mayor Donald Cresitello's ! environmental record. ...
Not an endorsement but...Morristown GOP Councilwoman Alison Deeb ... The Star-Ledger -
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Environmental Toxins & Liver Disease: A Link?
By Kathleen Doheny ! May 29, 2009 -- Low-level exposures to environmental toxins may partially explain the increasing problem of liver disease in US adults, says a Kentucky researcher. "Liver disease is a rapidly growing problem for the US population," ...
Environmental Pollution Up Risk Of Liver Disease: Study Bernama
Environmental Pollution Increases Risk Of Liver Disease, Study Finds Science Daily (press releas! e)
Pollution may contribute to rise in liver disease Reuters - MedPage Today
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From Gowanus to Venice
New York Times, United States
The Environmental Protection Agency is considering naming the Gowanus an official Superfund site. That would bring in a slo! w but steady federal cleanup with money and the legal clout to! force p olluters to help pay. Mayor Michael Bloomberg also wants a ...
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EDITORIAL: EPA's role will aid cleanup of fly-ash spill
Trading Markets (press release), CA
Moreoever, EPA reserves the right to take action against TVA under other envir! onmental laws. EPA notified TVA in February that it considered the spill a violation of the Clean Water Act. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation agreed ...
Selenium Controversy at TVA Fly Ash Spill Site
Tenn.: Coal ash spill toxin levels in fish safe
TVA to Appeal Coal Plant Decision WRCB-TV
Knoxville News Sentinel - Knoxville News Sentinel
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Baltimore Sun

Fr! om the L os Angeles Times
Baltimore Sun, United States
Corn ethanol tax breaks: An article and headline in Wednesday's Section A about the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed renewable-fuel standards said that the standards could lead to an end to tax breaks for corn ethanol because the gasoline ...
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