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February 26th, 2009

Environmental News: - Is Bush smog standard next in court's bull's-eye? - New York Times

By germanifa01 - February 26th, 2009, 8:57, Category: General

Environment News Service

Is Bush smog standard next in court's bull's-eye?
New York Times, United States
A blog about energy, the environment and the bottom line. Soot and smog rules crafted by the Bush EPA have both been under fire from advocacy groups that say the standards are not protective of public health and welfare and that the administration ...
Court Overturns Illegal Bush-era Soot Pollution Standard Environment News Service
EPA photo contest highlights care for the environment Taipei Times
Attorney General declares air-pollition victory - The Evening Leader
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When It Comes to Detergents, W! hat’s the Least Irresponsible Choice?
New York Times, United States

THE supermarket seems to offer more and more cleaning products labeled “organic” and “natural,” but are so-called green detergents really better for the environment? Do they work as well? Clive Davies, an engineer with the Environmental Protection ...
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