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September 23rd, 2008

Environmental News: - Mexico to host World Environment Day in June 2009 - AFP

By germanifa01 - September 23rd, 2008, 18:26, Category: General


Mexico to host World Environment Day in June 2009
AFP - 20 hours ago
MEXICO CITY (AFP) — Mexico will host the next World Environment Day in June 2009, the head of the UN Environment Program said here Monday, praising the ...
Mexico to host World Environment Day 2009 Environmental Expert (press release)
Mexic! o to host next year’s World Environment Day festiviti! es – U N UN News Centre
Google, UNEP in ‘green’ help scheme Manila Bulletin
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China Daily

Few Voters Give Energy and Environment as Reasons to Support Obama ...
About - News & Issues,!  NY - 22 hours ago
In a year when every presidential candidate is talking almost daily about energy and the environment and staking out positions on issues such as global ...

(Political) party animals Science News
Column: 'Wasted vote:'Two-party system fails today's voters Virginia Tech Collegiate Times Online Edition
Miami Law & Politics Examiner
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Government committed to promoting sustainable built environment in ...
Media Newswire (press release), NY - 1 hour ago
All these aim to enhance Hong Kong's living environment and make our development more sustainable. "These mega-projects will provide us with golden ...
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Birds Threatened by Changing Environment, Climate, Group Says
Bloomberg - 8 minutes ago
23 (Bloomberg) -- A rapid deterioration of the environment and a changing climate has caused a 45 percent drop in the number of common European birds, ...
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Arts and environment amendment adds intrigue to ballot
Minnesota Independent, MN - 6 hours ago
By Tom Elko 9/23/08 7:08 AM A proposed constitutional amendment to provide dedicated funding for the environment and arts during the next 25 years is ...
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